In professional communications, the language you use to deliver your message must be engaging, relevant and authentic.

As a native English speaker with 25 years’ copywriting and editing experience, I can help you strike the right tone in your marketing communications, ensuring that your target audience identifies with your message and finds it natural and authentic.

Weak language lets the whole thing down

However great your product, if your verbal and written communication misses the mark, the perceived quality of your whole proposition will be compromised. As an experienced marketing communications professional, I can produce flawless copy that will give your proposition the authenticity and authority it deserves.

Electronic translation tools just don’t cut it

Electronic translation tools are helpful for some things, but they cannot detect and convey the subtle nuances of what you really want to say, often resulting in text that misses the mark or sounds artificial.

I can craft elegant and highly-targeted marketing copy in English that sounds and feels natural to your audience, clearly demonstrating that you are confident when operating on an international stage.