« Lesley provided personalised coaching for our keynote speakers that was highly professional, effective and caring.  A real confidence booster for all involved, that was evident in their performance on stage ! »  Marie-Charlotte Héliot, Corporate Communications Director, Guerlain, Paris. 

“Intuitive and articulate in both French and English, Lesley is a pleasure to work with.” Nadine Gravier. International Director, Retail, Performance and Education, Parfums Christian Dior, Paris. 

“I really appreciated Lesley’s professionalism and coaching skills. Completely dedicated and highly responsive, she helps you complete your mission in a positive way.  A very pleasant and fruitful human experience.” Anne Crétel, International Training Director – Skincare, Parfums Christian Dior, Paris. 

“My coaching with Lesley was very helpful. She listened very carefully and understood my challenges very quickly. After one coaching session, I was ready to start my oral presentation with confidence.” Marie Leps Matuszczek, International e-Retail Manager, Parfums Christian Dior, Paris.

“Lesley was the perfect interpreter for a literary event – efficient, unobtrusive and responsive to the needs of both the authors and the audience.” Paula Hawkins. English crime novelist: author of “The Girl On The Train” (Le Livre sur le Quai, Literary Festival, Morges, Switzerland).

“Lesley is a very smooth interpreter; able to catch the meaning of even rather long passages and boil them down without missing a beat. Add a lovely personality and an easygoing temperament – it doesn’t get much better.” Anna Grue. Danish crime writer. (Le Livre sur le Quai, Literary Festival, Morges, Switzerland).

“Lesley helped me get the most out of the interactions I had with suppliers and exhibitors at ‘Top Drawer’, the Home, Gift and Craft Exhibition in London.” Isabelle Ferrière. Owner and manager of “Lodge”, homeware boutique in Bordeaux.

“Lesley was a great interpreter, when I worked with her in Morges Switzerland. She was precise and very good with nuances and therefore a great help for me and other writers and for the audience, who took part in that literary event. My greatest recommendation.” Leif Davidsen. Danish spy and crime writer. (Le Livre sur le Quai, Literary Festival, Morges, Switzerland).

“Lesley has an exceptional command of French, but more significantly, she captures the essence of a message and relays it efficiently and elegantly, for the benefit of all concerned.” Christophe Vaissié. Director, Barnes, luxury real estate, Arcachon.