“Lesley was the perfect interpreter for a literary event – efficient, unobtrusive and responsive to the needs of both the authors and the audience.” Paula Hawkins

English crime novelist: author of “The Girl On The Train”

“Lesley is a very smooth interpreter; able to catch the meaning of even rather long passages and boil them down without missing a beat. Add a lovely personality and an easygoing temper – it doesn’t get much better.” Anna Grue

Danish crime writer: author of “Le Détective Chauve” (The Bald Detective) and many other Scandinavian crime novels translated internationally.

“Lesley helped me get the most of the interactions I had with the exhibitors, on a human as well as a commercial level.” Isabelle Ferrière

Owner and manager of “Lodge”, an artisan homeware boutique in Bordeaux, France

“Lesley was a great interpreter, when I worked with her in Morges Switzerland. She was precise and very good with nuances and therefore a great help for me and other writers and for the audience, who took part in that literary event. My greatest recommendation.” Leif Davidsen.

Danish spy and crime writer: author of “The Serbian Dane”, “The Woman from Bratislava” and many other novels translated internationally

“Lesley has an exceptional command of French, but more significantly, she captures the essence of a message and relays it efficiently and elegantly, for the benefit of all concerned.” Christophe Vaissié.

Director, Barnes, luxury real estate agency, Bay of Arcachon