Group Workshops

A dedicated training course on communication skills in English.

This one-day workshop is designed for groups of up to 8 people and is divided into two parts: verbal communication and written communication.

Verbal communication: Using practical exercises and structured peer feedback, participants explore and identify their own authentic voice and unique public speaking characteristics so that they can use them effectively and with full awareness when addressing an audience in English. Emphasis is placed on creating a safe, trusting environment and positive encouragement.

The workshop also teaches how to consistently deliver a polished performances by addressing confidence and fear, correcting common mistakes in English and emphasising the importance of pace, tone and pitch as well as the use of pauses, for maximum impact.

Written communication: Using written examples and relevant texts, participants learn how to express their ideas more concisely and communicate their key messages more simply and effectively. They are guided in how to minimize jargon and empty phrases and go straight to the point, without sacrificing nuance and complexity. 

Participants are given a Business English glossary and aide-memoire sheets addressing faux amis and common errors in written English.