What do I mean by language coaching?

In this context, coaching means using my skills and experience in language and communication to help executives reach their full potential when delivering a pitch or presentation in English.

A well-delivered speech is a powerful vehicle which can allow us to momentarily connect with listeners and hold their attention. Once that connection is made, we have the opportunity to influence how our audience receives and remembers our message. I help people to take full advantage of this opportunity.

I assist with the writing and editing of the text, if required. I then provide coaching on the delivery, working on pronunciation, intonation, body language and breathing, culminating in performance that is relaxed, authentic, clear and memorable.

As well as providing coaching for one-off events, I also offer blocks of sessions to allow you to spend time on particular areas that you would like to improve.

So, whether you need a fast-track solution or a series of sessions to help you improve your confidence and proficiency in English over a period of time, I will work with you to identify your personal goals and design methods and materials to achieve them.